Doctor Murder and the Island of Death

Doctor Murder and the Island of Death

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Doctor Murder is having one awful day. First his arch nemesis leaves him. Then his henchmen. And then his sanity…
Dr. Murder and the Island of Death is a book about beauty and illusions, about longing for those things you don't have and failing to cherish those you do, and... what the fuck is quinoa?
Dr. Murder and the Island of Death is not your typical superhero story – but the bastard child of 1970’s James Bond villainy and French existentialism. Imagine chain smoking Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre, but with death traps, secret underground layers and underwear worn on the wrong side of their pants. Oh, and less boring of course.


Emil Friis Ernst
… is a shooting star on the Scandinavian comic sky. If there is such a thing? He likes robots and romantic walks along the beach. His works have been presented in various places such as The New York Times, Comics Festival Erlangen, and The Nib.

About the publisher

Backyard Barons is all about pulp and psychedelic comics.
Established back in 2014, our publications dive into science fiction, surrealism and insanity.
And yeah, we know it sounds like we snatched the name Backyard Barons from a gay porn movie
from the eighties… and so we did. A real cinematic classic. Prime beef and perfect mullets.

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ISBN: 978-87-970209-8-2


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